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Business Agility

Employees are never in one place for very long. Whether at the office, between appointments, traveling for business or working from home, workers require a suite of flexible solutions to effectively collaborate and communicate regardless of location.

With an increasing dependency on mobile devices, unleashing an organization's productivity depends on reliable access to sophisticated voice, video and web collaboration tools. Unified communications (UC) software, with contextual collaborative and presence technology, makes it also simple and initiative to connect with colleagues and customers even when on the move and without delay. Such capability depends on solutions able to streamline and simplify network administration while promoting better safety and security throughout the organization.

Master the Uncertainty

As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) leader with more than 117 years of expertise, NEC combines its advanced technologies, services and knowledge to help ensure the safety, security, efficiency and equality of society – enabling people to live fuller, more enriched lives.

Providing faster, better responses to colleagues and customers become easier when you:

Empower your

A feature-rich UC solution will simplify communications to enable complete mobility without lags in productivity, responsiveness or teamwork.

Provide instant collaboration

Making conferencing and messaging more immediate, makes for real-time access to information and the freedom to communicate simpler.

Use dynamic

Modular applications and flexible cost structures provide economies of scale and greater efficiencies operationally and financially.

Ensure dependable availability

Distributed and load-balanced services architecture minimizes response time and avoids overloads while increasing reliability and availability.

Plan for the

Protect critical systems and data with fully automated redundancy and recovery software solutions that recover quickly should disaster strikes.

Ubiquitous Connectedness – Accelerate Your Journey with Us

With NEC's leading IT and Communications solutions, businesses of any size are enabled to connect and collaborate more effectively – increasing productivity, advancing mobility and encouraging 'anywhere' communications.

Our collaborative solutions build high performance organizations by helping to:

Empower the businessEmpower the business
Free people from location constraints while providing a consistent experience when out of the office.

Leverage smart technologyLeverage smart technology
Deliver connected and collaborative capabilities with leading products.

Consolidate communicationsConsolidate communications
Give workers control over all of their business communications.

Improve customer experienceImprove customer experience
Ensure employees are always reachable and responsive to client calls.

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