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Delivering high quality education

New opportunities are shifting conventional boundaries surrounding the learning experience. Students, parents and the community rely on institutions to deliver high quality education to prepare the next generation for fulfilling lives and careers. Kindergarten through college, institutions are facing new requirements for effectiveness, compliance and accountability. Administrators and educators have a tremendous opportunity to enrich the academic experience with enhanced communication and collaboration. Advanced technologies plays a role in attracting and retaining the best teaching and administrative teams, and strengthening a school’s reputation.

Information on demand

Cloud computing, big data and mobile apps are empowering administrators and educators, while distance learning has extended the reach of student access to quality education. Information needs to be highly available, as well as secured and managed consistently for privacy and liability concerns. Messaging applications improve community involvement and combined with emergency notification systems put students, staff and school safety first.

NEC Solutions for Educational Institutions

NEC offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade solutions tailored to the unique needs of higher education. From public and private universities to community colleges and trade schools, institutions of all kinds can rely on NEC’s communications and IT solutions to support campus needs and keep them at the forefront of knowledge delivery. 

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