Smart Finance

Bringing the Personal Touch to Financial Services

Addressing the unique needs of the finance industry

The financial world has dramatically changed in recent years and is at present without question one of the most challenged industry sectors. Increasing the productivity of staff and ensuring the security and availability of services is vital if financial institutions are to improve their efficiency, enhance their business effectiveness and provide timely and consistent customer service. 

High Availability

Whether it is banking and securities, insurance, investment management or real estate, NEC has the technology to transform the way financial organizations operate and deliver services to customers, offering comprehensive solutions that address the unique needs of the finance industry.

Integrating all communication channels and IT systems ensures that no matter how a customer chooses to approach your organisation - whether via the call centre, the branch or the web - they are met with a seamless and efficient response to their enquiry or transaction.

NEC Solutions for Finance Institutions

Innovative mobile solutions make staff reachable at all times via a single personal number no matter where they. Unified Communications enable staff to desk-share and telework to increase efficiency and job satisfaction, as well as enabling institutions to control costs by maximizing space, equipment and resources.

Unsure how best to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective workforce?

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