Safe and Smart Society

Using technology for the greater good

The World Recreated

Just as technology is helping to improve how organizations and individuals function, so too is it working to transform and help to build smarter societies. Take for instance how technical advances are being put to work to ensure energy efficiency, achieve sustainable economic development, realize wiser management of natural resources and enhance the safety and security of people in general.

Such social change is evolving to form new digital platforms where business models are emerging that organically connect people, assets and processes, all made possible through the internet of things. Despite the complexity that this rapid progress could possibly create, it is information and communications technology that holds the potential to contain and effectively manage such growth.

Next-Generation Ecosystem

NEC is committed to using its more than 117 years of engineering leadership to deliver Communications and IT infrastructure solutions and services that ensure safety, security and operational efficiency for the betterment of society.

Social progress becomes more achievable with:


Reactive networked environments that are more aware, responsive and connected.


Smarter efficiencies that work to deliver improved environmental and economic performance and outcomes.


The gathering and analysis of synchronized information in support of real-time predictive and actionable insight./


Solutions that enhance access and usage on individual and group levels to drive performance and promote greater wellbeing.


Connected processes that save time, reduce costs and increase collaboration in scope and impact.

A Smarter Approach - Realize the Future with Us

Through our combined capabilities and rich portfolio in Communications and IT, NEC provides government agencies, enterprises and individuals a full spectrum of integrated solutions and services.

Our technology, expertise and support empowers change on a social, enterprise and personal level by helping to:

Facilitate advancementFacilitate advancement
High levels of amalgamation between communications and IT infrastructure highlight the power of these technologies and reinforce their benefits.

Foster connectednessFoster connectedness
Decades of real-world and engineering knowledge result in technologies and approaches that optimize processes and encourage engagement.

Optimize processesOptimize processes
Simplified environments become attainable based on stable, flexible foundations that support secure and responsive ecosystems.

Enrich livesEnrich lives
Our ongoing commitment to innovative is aimed at creating the information communications technology-enable society of tomorrow.

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