Open Philosophies

The power of co-operation and co-creation

A Collaborative Workplace

A highly resilient environment is what makes a truly collaborative experience. Whether working with colleagues or customers, removing the barriers that prevent cooperation is essential regardless of where those hurdles exist.

Cloud-based services enrich the end-user experience with easy-to-use, easy-to-access systems and applications that can be scaled to actual need. Collaborative solutions when paired with advance features such as shared workspace and rich presence provide control over how, when and where to connect. Network and datacenter solutions must balance high performance and superior scalability with resiliency for easy, cost-effective control and management. And high availability and disaster recovery solutions must work to minimize system outages and downtime to maximize a continuous collaborative experience.

Mastering Collaboration

With a longstanding history of engineering solutions that solve the most challenging of enterprise issues, NEC offers a suite of dependable
and user-friendly deployment options that support a smart and productive workspace.

Promoting co-operation for the best possible outcomes becomes easier when you:

Deploy distributed

Integrate to allow multiple systems to operate as one guard against single or multiple points of failure to safeguard collaboration access and availability.

Maximize balance

Balance functionality across a number of physical servers ensures highly available and predictable service whether on-premise or cloud-based computing infrastructure.

Use web-scaled

Web-oriented infrastructure enables new levels of collaboration by enabling dynamic, adaptive and resilient collaboration.

Support converged

Combining varied applications and feature-rich services into one complete collaborative environment optimizes performance and conserves resources.

Simplify the user

Featuring rich web-based applications ensure early and ongoing user adoption and a more vigorous collaborative experience.

Co-operative Growth - Encourage Increased Teamwork with Us

Our collaborative portfolio creates highly-connected organizations by helping to:

Maximize flexibilityMaximize flexibility
Solutions capable of operating across premise, cloud or hybrid environments enable customized support based on ongoing and actual need.

Deliver relevant reliabilityDeliver relevant reliability
Continuous high availability and disaster recovery solution deliver collaborative security, interoperability and reliability.

Grow user acceptanceGrow user acceptance
Intuitive tools range from intelligent call handling to cloud-served applications ensure user adoption and productivity.

Tailor responsivenessTailor responsiveness
User-friendly collaborative solutions enable employees to have total control over how, when and where to be reach and connect.

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