Holistic Business Continuity

Increased interconnectivity with less risk

Safeguarding the Enterprise

Customer and employee expectations are changing, shaped by their increased reliance on mobile devices and increasing certainty is instant accessibility. Meeting such needs is essential when looking to maintain a trustworthy reputation and productive environment.

Always-on, continuous availability means preventing the possibility of application downtime and data loss. This is contingent on uninterrupted service in the event of an outage without performance potentially being compromised. With an increasing flow of data across networks and devices, equally as important is fail-proofing data security and taking the required steps, such as automated redundancy and recovery practices, to help ensure end-to-end disaster recovery.

Recover Readiness

As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) leader with more than 117 years of expertise, NEC with its suite of award-winning high availability, disaster recovery and collaborative solutions help maintain a connected environment where it is most crucial.

Comprehensive continuity becomes more feasible when you:

Support balancing

Client-based hardware and software makes possible load balancing to increase capacity and reliability.

Offer flexible

Applications should be device autonomous to ensure knowledge sharing across a distributed environment.

Strive for access

Protect critical data and applications against lags in availability with lock-step fault tolerance intelligence and secured storage.

Deliver adaptive

Software-defined networking makes for easy control and management of secure multi-tenant network infrastructure and averts countless hours of manual administration.

Simplify the user experience

Featuring rich web-based applications ensure early and ongoing user adaption and a more vigorous collaborative experience.

Failsafe Protection - Manage Enterprise Recovery with Us

Our redundant, disaster recovery and collaborative solutions build high capacity organizations by helping to:

Protect critical systemsProtect critical systems
Fully automated, versatile, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy redundancy and recovery software protects critical systems and the data supported.

Minimize system outagesMinimize system outages
Redundant components and modular architecture runs in lockstep for 99.999% uptime for significant lower total cost of ownership and downtime risks.


Safeguard the networkSafeguard the network
Network and software automated redundancy and recovery solutions reduce network and data complexity with streamlined, flexible oversight and management.

Empower the workforceEmpower the workforce
A feature-rich UC solution will simplify communications to enable complete mobility without lags in productivity, responsiveness or teamwork.

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