SAP HANA Offering

From Data to Smart Business Value

NEC's SAP HANA Offering is an all-round solution

It brings together a host of rich features to offer high performance, availability and ease of management. All this is backed by a mechanism that is specially put together to enable quick, dependable support and make latest SAP HANA features available instantly.

High Availability

Remote Management

Remote monitoring of the server with EXPRESSSCOPE*

Centralized View

Central graphic view of all servers with ESMPRO#

Redundant Resources

Redundant components (core IO, clock, processor) + auto degrading and rebuilding


Predictive failure analysis and CPU, ECC memory de-allocation

True End-to-End Turnkey solution

With NEC’s SAP HANA support mechanism, businesses can expect peace of mind across installation, verification and application stages.

NEC is always available to ensure across-the-board support required to address emerging client requirement.

Reliable NEC Support

With a NEC Global Competence Center in close proximity with SAP’s Germany headquarters, NEC is able to:

  • Build new solutions based on the latest SAP platform solutions
  • Offer quick and comprehensive service via direct communication with SAP Germany engineers

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