Managed Voice Services

Offering significant cost savings, with greater resilience and enhanced productivity

Managed Voice Services

Modern Networks allow voice, video, and data to be transported over a single network and is changing the pace of business communications. This convergence of voice and data offers organizations significant cost savings, along with greater resilience and enhanced productivity.

New and different communications services are becoming more important as businesses meet the challenges of supporting increasingly remote workforces and additional locations. As a result, they are looking for easier and more cost-effective ways to deploy and manage integrated voice and data communications systems.

These challenges are addressed by our Managed Voice Services (MVS), which include business phone services, site-to-site voice, mobile, unified communications, and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) access. MVS can now be outsourced, taking advantage of a service provider's converged infrastructure.

Outsourcing of voice services and more specifically, buying voice services “as a service” has become more and more popular since its advent in 2009. These technologies were initially only adopted by small businesses looking to take advantage of the lower barrier to entry that UCaaS and MVS offers, but over the next 5 years more, larger companies started moving in this direction. According to Gartner, the UCaaS and MVS business will be worth nearly 14 Billion US$ by 2019.

Managed voice service providers bring their customers the latest technology, along with network management and monitoring capabilities that are available around the clock—24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Service providers offering managed voice services bring solutions tailored to meet an organization's particular requirements, from providing a complete communications network to complementing traditional private branch exchange (PBX / PABX) capabilities with new IP PBX technologies. Quality of service (QoS) can be implemented across all network components, such as LANs, routers, and firewalls, helping to further reduce overall expenditures.

Finding the right business voice solution for your organization begins with assessing and prioritizing your unique requirements, as well as becoming informed about your alternatives and some important decision points. Contact us today for additional information or to schedule a visit with one of our Solutions Architects.

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