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All batch & real-time processing needs

Data Platform for Hadoop is a common platform for all batch & real-time processing of large scale data. It employs “Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), which is comprised of “Apache Hadoop” for distributed processing of large scale data and “Apache Spark” that enables efficient in-memory processing and real-time processing.

Ideal for unstructured data processing

Data Platform for Hadoop allows accumulation of large scale data without changing its original structure.

This greatly increases the possibilities of utilizing the data, because the data structure can be specified as per the intended use of application, when reading the data.

Quick deployment & Stable operations

Data Platform for Hadoop is a pre-designed(including sizing and tuning) and pre-validated integrated system, which combines necessary hardware and software.
It reduces TCO substantially, shortens the deployment period and stabilizes the quality of platform.

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