Cloud Platform for Iaas

Minimize System Management Costs

An Open Source Software based Solution for Private Cloud

NEC’s Cloud Platform for IaaS is a turnkey solution based on Open-source architecture and Software-defined Storage (SDS).

The platform provides a dashboard for Integrated Operation with real-time monitoring and a user-friendly Interface. The solutions consists of a Pre-configured OSS (Open Source Software) Platform, based on worldwide known global standards in the OSS platform.
NEC’s Cloud Platform for IaaS is a Modular appliance for Dynamic scalability with a Node-based Modular Architecture.

Quick deployment & Easy expansion

Pre-designed and pre-validated con­figuration that can easily be deployed resulting in a immediate reduced TCO. Scale-out can be made by adding Compute and Storage node without stopping active Virtual Machines.

Integrated Operation

The dashboard provides integrated operation for system resource management and IaaS self-service in a user-friendly manner. The  user-friendly WEB UI provides an excellent system resource overview and the 5 step navigation  provide a quick and easy VM creation

Portable OSS based ECO systems

OSS based software de­fined servers and storage provide portability among standard clouds. OpenStack is the de facto standard software de­fined computer for cloud and Ceph is the software defi­ned storage connectable for OpenStack.

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